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GS EPS is a private power generation company that contributes to the nation’s stable supply of electricity by producing and supplying electricity with clean natural gas and renewable energy since its foundation in 1996.

We are operating LNG Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant Phase 1,2, and 3 in Dangjin, Chungnam Province, and completed construction of Asia’s largest biomass power plant in September 2015. Also, GS EPS started operating Phase 4 of LNG Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant with a total capacity of 900MW, which our company’s largest capacity since foundation of the company. We are also expanding our business into ecofriendly renewable energy field.

GS EPS manages all power generation facilities with “safety” as its highest priority. We are contributing to national and local development by preventing accidents in advance through various programs such as accident-free movement environmental safety and quality activities.

GS EPS will steadily operate existing power plants and discover new growth engines to become the best-known energy company in Korea and overseas from now and for ever. Moreover, we will grow into a respected company that dreams of tomorrow with clients and creates new life value through continuous change and innovation.

Thank you.
GS EPS Co.,LTD Presidnet & CEO  wan-kyoung Lee