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GS EPS is on track to be the best independent power producer in Korea

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On track to be the best independent power producer in Korea while creating a better future for our customers & local communities

  • As the power generation company of GS Group and the first Independent Power Producer in Korea,
  • GS EPS is the environment-friendly energy enterprise to generate and provide electricity using the clean fuel such as natural gas and bio energy.

  • Established in 1996, GS EPS has been operating Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4 of the LNG Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant with a total capacity of 2,406MW in Dangjin, Chungnam Province, Asia’s largest Biomass Power Plant with a total capacity of 105MW and Fuel Cell Power Plant with a total capacity of 2.4MW.

  • In addition to currently operating Power Plants, GS EPS is expanding its business area including Wind Power Plant with a total capacity of 30MW in Gimnyeong, Jeju Island.

  • Above all achievements described above, GS EPS is constantly trying to secure the new growth engines of the company by launching a power business with renewable energy such as wind power, solar power at domestic and international level.

  • As a globally renowned energy company in Korea and around the world, GS EPS is continuously striving to grow as a world-wide Power company with own specialty and expertise.

Key AchievementsKey Achievements

  • 2009 “Top Plant Award” as chosen by Power Magazine(USA)
  • Contributed to stabilization of national supply and demand for electricity
  • Stable revenue from Phase1 through PPA
    (Power Purchase Agreement) with Korea Electric Power Corporation
  • Phase2 leads in CBP (Cost-Based generation Pool) with its high efficiency Environmental and Social Responsibility
  • Generating and providing electricity using clean fuel and natural gas
  • Actively promoting renewable energy such as fuel cells and biomass power plants at domestic and abroad
  • Working toward a solution for global climate change issues through innovation and operational know-how
  • A culture of sharing and win-win situations in all dealings led by management